the NY shower

Hi! I have so much catching up to do here….

We had SUCH a great weekend in New York! I absolutely loved being able to go home to celebrate baby g with all of the NY fam. We flew in Friday AM and had lunch at the Gatehouse Cafe in downtown Rochester with mom, Aunt Mary, mom’s friend Ben, Grandma and Dad. We went straight to Mendon Ponds Park to visit Wild Wings- which is this really neat bird rescue facility Mom’s company donates to… we got a private tour from the manager and got to see so many birds up close (Bald Eagles!!! Falcons, a raven (?!) and my favorites… the owls.)


We had home cooked Italian for dinner and celebrated grandma’s 80th birthday together! It was so nice having my Aunts in town- really special to have all of us together.


With the help of Julie, Lauren, Aunt Maureen and Grandma- mom put on a perfect baby shower at the house Saturday afternoon. She had it catered from someone local who set up lunch, there was a make your own mimosa bar and o m g the baby gifts. I can’t even deal with how cute all of the gifts were! This boy got absolutely spoiled. Here are some pictures from Saturday! Loved every single minute of it. Can’t believe how much love there is in this family for baby g already! WE ARE SO LUCKY. Thank you so much to everyone who made such a huge effort to be there to celebrate with us!!

Had our 28 week baby dr appointment and passed the glucose test (this is a big deal!!!) and all the bloodwork came back good to go. So far we have a healthy (and big) baby boy kicking around! I absolutely LOVE feeling all of the kicks and punches… i feel really honored to be able to carry this babe through what feels so far to be a very uncomplicated and happy pregnancy.

Flying while pregnant is a whole thing. The flight to NY was no sweat… i didn’t get swollen, there were no delays, i didn’t even have to get up to go to the bathroom! The flight home was a different story though… maybe because it’s so hard to leave mom and dad (and the entire family) hate that part.


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