And welcome to the most boring update of all time.

But really.

We installed carpet (woo!) and never have I ever thought that I’d be so excited about flooring. like.so.excited.

We had this barfy brown shag before that wasn’t offensive, necessarily… it was just not nice. Like, you didn’t walk into our bedrooms and say “hey! It looks so bright and great in here.” No, never. You’d walk in and say “oh, huh! Smells like dogs, kinda. But love your quilt.”

K, so here are the before pictures.


See? Not bad… just not great.

Oh, and here is a picture of what the den looked like during this process. so nice, right? CHAOS. I do not know how people live in their houses while there are major renovations being done.


Here’s a shot of the installation:


And here are some of the final product!! And a GREAT husband putting back together all of our furniture.


So- I’ve had this set of four picture boxes sitting under that table for like three months in our living room. I just couldn’t decide where or how i wanted them hung, also let’s be serious i dread the process of hanging them. FINALLY- after like 10 rehangs… they are up! What you don’t see are the many, many nail holes that are hidden behind the frames.

In case you ever decide to try it….hanging prints symmetrically on a big wall is HARD because #math. Thank god for Chris who literally took over the project after my eighth nail hole for the second frame.

All the stuff on the table isn’t exactly what i want there but meh…it’ll work for now. Also the wall behind the couch is still completely bare (it is the largest wall in our entire home…) looks terrible but i can’t figure out what to put there. We used to have this HUGE map but the colors just didn’t work anymore so i took it down and now #naked. Guess i’ll keep shopping (shocker).


Anyway, told you that was the most boring post of all time. Even Major fell asleep.

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