Nursery Lighting- THE LAMP

BIG NEWS YOU GUYS!!! Remember I posted a while ago about nursery inspiration? I included this pic of Jillian Harris’ nursery- with THE bunny lamp. Okay so…. I personally refuse to spend, idk $400 on a lamp (not to mention Chris would question my sanity… trust me i’ve considered the consequences because #pregnancy) so anyway i’ve been determined to find a cheaper duplicate…. I’ve had “bunny lamp” on a search alert for probably 4 months, bookmarked on both my personal AND work computers (#notsorry) and have run about 45 billion google searches to find duplicates. So yeah…I’ve been working hard for this lamp. And….



And it’s a perfect dupe for the original “Gilded Hare Lamp” from Anthro (which is currently on “sale” for $318… k if a lamp is over $300 it does not count as a sale)

HERE IT IS!!! Pottery Barn version of THE Bunny Lamp which is $199 plus whatever 15% sales PB always runs (and free shipping!)

So you guys, if you set your mind to something you can achieve anything.  HA! Really inspiring lamp story, right?

The Emily & Meritt Bunny Complete Lamp

It also comes in a Giraffe Lamp… which is ADORABLE and $179

Emily & Meritt Giraffe Complete Lamp

And ok, I know we’re still talking about a LOT of money for a lamp but… it’s THE lamp!

I also think these are adorable (in gold)… also from PB.

Mini Complete Lamps

I’m pretty sure the bunny lamp was styled for a little girl’s room buuuuuut…. i can’t tell you how much i do not care. SORRY SON!


Side note so that you are not concerned about my sanity:

If you’ve never met my sad bunny- you may not understand why this dumb lamp is so important to me… but it’s a little tribute to my grandmother who passed last year. She gave sad bunny (my grungy gross stuffed animal bunny) to me when i was maybe 2 years old. I’ve had him with me through everything and I think he maybe never has been washed. He’s currently sitting in our living room- Major knows not to touch or play with him. I love the idea of honoring grams in such a subtle (and flipping adorable) way.

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