the weekends

I don’t know about you but we’ve been living for the weekends lately with this weather!! It’s the BEST time of year in Florida- not too hot or humid, always a breeze and still gets cooler at night. It’s the time of year I wonder why anyone lives anywhere else (and then I think of August and September and quickly remember).

Last weekend we made our way over to Melbourne to visit the in-laws! Love spending time on the other coast with them, it’s so nice to be able to just get away for a quick trip. Chris and Robert worked on removing and reframing a built-in unit they had under their stairs which left Kim and I lots of time to “supervise”… and shop!

I’d been searching online for a glider/rocker for the nursery and found some good options on but it just seems like one of those purchases that you have to see in person and sit in to be able to make a choice. We went to Rooms-to-Go and a few other local furniture stores but didn’t see anything that blew us away until we went to this tiny baby store in Downtown Melbourne. Kim and I both walked up to the Babyletto glider/ottoman set in their display window and said this is the one! It’s so comfy and SO pretty in person… Kim and Robert decided they wanted to purchase it for Chris and I for the nursery and I couldn’t believe it!!! So SO SO nice of them. We have one lucky babe on the way.

I can’t wait to post pictures of the nursery updates once we get started! Carpet is scheduled to go in Friday, crib and dresser delivered Monday and then we can start settling in! I still need to clean the closet out… greeeeat. I’ll do a before and after post of the nursery! Can’t wait.

Here are some pictures from our weekend in Melbourne.

The top photo is the final product! I never knew how handy Chris was- so impressed.

Maj fell asleep as soon as we turned out of their driveway to head home to Tampa.


Still feeling really great at 22 weeks (23 now as I’m writing this). Can’t believe how big the baby is getting! Over a foot long and weighs more than a pound. Both Chris and I can feel him kicking now! Big movements, not just those tiny little flutters. I love it so much. The fatigue has definitely gotten better in the second half of this trimester, too thank god although I’ve heard it comes back in trimester three. TBD.

brother snuggles with the baby bump

Katie and Ryan were in town this weekend- loved having them! The boys fished Saturday while Katie and I walked around downtown St. Pete area- it’s so pretty there! We had lunch at Stillwaters Tavern– the executive chef was on Top Chef #celebstatus…. didn’t get to meet him but *shrugs* his chicken salad was REALLY good. I’d go back.


We spent a lot of the weekend relaxing outside since it was SO nice out! When we got back from St. Pete the boys had put together dinner (YES- on their own! We were so impressed!) they grilled filets and corn on the cob and it was SO good. Ate dinner out back and went for a sunset cruise into the bay. It was really windy and we froze to death (i think it might have been 70 <eye roll>) so it was a short trip. Major made me cover him with a beach towel because #doglife is hard.

We had a fire out back and finished the weekend “watching” The Founder- that movie about McDonald’s franchising founder. It was interesting but kind of depressing, honestly. I say “watching” because literally the boys fell asleep at 9pm on Saturday. Yep.

On Sunday Ryan helped Chris move ALL of the furniture out of the bedrooms in our house into that front room with the bay window- that way the carpet guys can install quickly on Friday (yay!) so currently our house is a disaster but it’ll be so worth it! CAN’T WAIT!!

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