21 weeks

Grandma was in town this weekend and we had such a nice visit. 

I can’t believe how quickly the last 21 weeks have gone by! Over halfway there now… the baby bump is officially impossible to hide and my regular jeans are um…. snug. 

We made salmon on the big green egg for Sunday night dinner! I even set the table…. because #grandma. Aunt Mary’s gift of these placemats and matching napkins really impressed gram (sorry aunt mar- I took all the credit I could get- love you!)

We went and had our nails done in Friday! 

On Saturday we drove down to Sarasota and walked through St. Armand’s Circle- did some shopping and had lunch. It was perfect weather to be outside! 80’s and sunny the entire day with a breeze. 

We took a happy hour boat cruise and watched the sun set on Saturday after we got home from St. Armand’s. I think grandma pet Major a grand total of 4 times her entire trip haha! He loves her so much but eh I think it may not be mutual. She says he is beautiful “in his own way”. I didn’t take a single picture Sunday afternoon since we spent the whole day by the pool and relaxing… it was honestly just what we all needed (especially grandma since she had a busy week visiting friends in Vero beach).

It was a great weekend! 


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