the gender reveal

It’s a boy!!

I can barely put into words how excited we are! I had a feeling all along. After one super weird and vivid dream at like 13 weeks, I was almost certain our little bean was a boy.  Chris for the last 18 weeks has absolutely refused to say one way or another (but I secretly think he’s been hoping for a little guy to fish with!)


We went in on Friday, March 10th (a day after Chris’ birthday) to have the anatomy scan done. This is the ultrasound where they measure EVERYTHING. It was really interesting! Our tech was such a sweetheart and we had a student (resident? unclear.) in there to observe, so we got a really thorough explanation of all of the measurements they were doing as she was demonstrating to the student. I loved that!

Baby boy is still measuring a full week ahead, at 18 weeks he was 10 ounces! The tech was such a pro and we loved watching him move around in there… features are so much more defined at this stage than they were at our last scan at 14 weeks. Wild what a month will do for growth! Anyway, all of the measurements and tests came back perfect (such a huge sigh of relief) as this is really the point where you can determine any issues that would come up in the future and very luckily we are in the clear so far.

She asked us if we wanted to know the gender when she got to that part of the scan and after about 3 minutes of me saying “tell us… wait don’t tell us! OMG ok, tell us! No DON’T! Chris should we just find out? No! We can’t find out! let’s wait! But I can’t wait!” she finally said “we’re not telling you!” so we closed our eyes while she measured the lower half of baby… honestly, I don’t think we’d have been able to tell anyways. If you ask Chris he’ll tell you he thinks he saw a little baby you know what in the ultrasound but I just really doubt it, haha!

Anyway, she printed a photo of the “proof” and sealed it in an envelope. After the doctor’s appointment, Chris and I ran over to Publix and handed the Balloon Man <lol are they called balloon men?> one package of balloons that said “boy” and one package that said “girl”, a big black trash bag, and the envelope with the baby’s gender inside. We asked him if he’d please fill up whatever balloons went with the gender and to do neutral strings…. hide the balloons in the trash bag and bring them to customer service when he was done. They were so good to us there! They filled the balloons up, resealed the envelope and we headed home, still with no idea if we were having a boy or a girl.

Ashley and Brandon came over around 8 and we had some pizza and Facetimed both sets of our parents while we all opened the bag together!! It was so sweet. I loved being able to share that moment when we were all finding out together.


We did have a serious balloon failure, though, the “B” was deflated so we only had “OY”… and the “O kind of looked like a G” and we were just convinced the Publix Balloon Man was screwing with us. So I ran over to grab the envelope and the picture said “Congrats it’s a boy!”.. woo!! So balloon fail and all, it was still the sweetest way to celebrate our gender reveal with our families who are both long distance from us.

Let the shopping begin!!!!!

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