Pregnancy Skin Care

All of the things I didn’t know I needed to know about pregnancy skin care I found out a little late… like second trimester late. oops! I’ve used Murad products pretty religiously over the last several years and it’s helped my skin a LOT, so i’ve just kind of stuck with it… well…

one problem- almost all of the active ingredients in Murad products (like Retinol and Salicylic Acid) are on the pregnancy god’s no no list. I’m not sure who made this list but I feel like they must know more than me so… I plan on playing it safe. I did a ton of research (surprise!) and found that the Honest Company came out with a skin care line! I’m always so hesitant to switch up my routine because my skin is VERY sensitive. I have oily days and really dry days depending on my hormones and with the Murad line i’ve figured out exactly what products to use when i’m struggling with whatever my skin is throwing at me. I was nervous about the Honest Beauty line up because they have far fewer active ingredients (part of the reason it’s pregnancy safe) and fewer products in general. But because i am willing to make sacrifices for this TINY BABY who will likely be born with perfect skin… (lucky)   I decided to place an order.

In case you’ve got sensitive skin like me… or maybe are pregnant or trying I thought i’d give an honest review of the products i’ve used so far!

  1. Refreshing Gel Cleanser: 8/10. this is really, really good stuff. super gentle, doesn’t give your skin that “tight” feeling and has already cleared up some of my surface breakouts (currently don’t have any deeper infected issues). I’m in the sun a LOT and this doesn’t seem to dry me out OR oil me up. Good balancing cleanser. the only reason it’s not a 10 for me is because i have to double cleanse to get all of my makeup off, NBD since i tend to do that anyway… but since there’s no rough texture it doesn’t exfoliate as well without a clarisonic or sponge…
  2. the Konjac Sponge: 10/10. If you buy nothing else buy this facial sponge! I use it 3-4x per week usually in the AM to wake my face up. It’s infused with chamomile and pink clay and is really effective, also only $12 (thinking this can last 2-3 months if hung to dry every time!)
  3. the Hydrating Face Mist: 8/10. not a necessity but i’ve always used a toner and liked this as a replacement. skip it if you’re only buying three products, maybe add it into your rotation later.
  4. the Everything Organic Facial Oil: 10/10. confession: i only bought this oil because the bottle is so pretty… but i am so glad i did!!!! this is the first true oil i’ve used on my skin and i am 100% converted. I use it every single solitary night and regardless of how my skin is acting (oily, dry, sunburnt, combo) i wake up in the morning with dewy skin. I swear. add this to your lineup. it’s more of a dry oil so you won’t get that greasy feeling you’d get from less refined oils (like shmearing coconut oil on your face… no.)
  5. the Magic Balm: 5/10. I am less than impressed with this balm. For my super perpetually chapped lips this does NOT hold up during the day… i’d say it’s a nighttime only lip balm. I also layer it over the eye cream at night if i’m feeling really dry. Not a must have, unfortunately but still a good product. (NOT worth $18, so don’t pay full price for this one!!)
  6. the Younger Eye Cream: 8/10. as far as eye creams go this is pretty good! easy to layer under makeup and i use it AM and PM (over the oil in the PM and right before i put on my under eye concealer in the AM). TBD if i’m seeing any results but preventative can’t hurt, right? #morecreamslesswrinkles my mom started having me use under eye cream for wrinkles when i was in highschool- yes. I have her to thank for my still sans-botox face!!
  7. Dependably Clear Oil Free Moisturizer: 10/10. This is my daytime moisturizer. It’s a must have! Since i started using it, i haven’t had to do mid-day touch ups on my makeup. i like that it has some powerful active ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid and vitamin C (both safe during pregnancy).

So that’s it for skin care. I’ll do a post on makeup too…i’ve tried their primer and a few of their other products that i like a lot! Good to know: I like that the Honest Company doesn’t test on animals and is free of all of the synthetic junk like sulfates, parabens and formaldehyde carriers.

You can purchase Honest Beauty products at Ulta, or you can buy them online in bundles (they ship monthly) that you can space out or cancel whenever you want. It’s $50 per bundle which actually saves you a lot. All of my products so far have lasted me well over a month which means it’s really like, $25/month… yanno? not so bad when you do the math on using it every single day #PricePerUsePeople!!

I guess it should be noted that this post is not sponsored (although it should be(!!!), eh hem…@honestbeauty)


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