16 Week Appointment

Now that my stomach is feeling a whole lot less sensitive… I made a conscious decision to start feeding my body a little better (um… like less girl scout cookies for example) because i can’t only eat girl scout cookies and expect to feel awesome all day. After the gym last night I made Chris the leftover chicken-chili I made on Sunday which i had eaten for lunch and couldn’t stomach again for dinner… I decided to make myself some avocado toast on ezekiel bread with a fried egg on top. I got one slice down with half the egg and the second slice….i just couldn’t do it… it was the first wave of nausea i’ve felt so far this second trimester so i decided, eh lucky charms are fine for tonight.

Trying again today! Keep your fingers crossed for me that lucky charms are not on the menu. Had the 16 week appointment this morning! Everything looks good so far, took about a minute to find the heartbeat (which had me in a momentary panic… this is probably the most terrifying thing ever…the silence is awful and then baby moves around and !!!! heartbeat!) but the nurse-midwife Nicole who is such a sweetheart said the baby was just so active! As soon as she caught the heartbeat baby would move in a different spot. 145-150 bpm, just about average for right now. Nicole said she could feel the baby move from the outside (so wild, although she does know exactly what to look for so Chris and I probably won’t be able to feel kicks from the outside for a month or so still). Right now i’m feeling a lot of sporadic movement, especially when I’m doing something quietly like reading or TVing. I had a bunch of questions for Nicole, about the midwives presence during deliver and if looking into a doula was advised. She said they worked with Buddah Belly Doulas in Tampa and have had a lot of success. More about that later, I still need to do a lot of research to see if that’s something we want!

Next appointment is our anatomy scan in two weeks on March 10th!! SO excited for this one. It measures literally everything about the baby, head size, belly size, femur length, facial feature positioning, spinal cord growth, and about a billion other tiny little measurments to check if baby is on track developmentally. It will also tell us if baby g is a boy or girl! (I think boy, I’ve had the WILDEST boy dreams… weird weird stuff). It’ll be right after Chris’ birthday! Haven’t decided yet how we’ll announce it to everyone but we definitely plan on finding out (because shopping!!)


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