the baby room!

when chris and i moved into our home, the only thing we had to “finish” was the master bathroom which was completely gutted. luckily everything else was in great shape! We knew we’d eventually want to redo the carpet in the bedrooms which is currently this just stunning brown shag <eye roll> that had been here since the previous owners. We got a good 2 years of use out of that carpet but with the baby on the way… we figured now is the time! Best to let a baby and dog ruin brand new carpet rather than the old stuff right? <insert another eye roll>

So we (mostly me… poor Chris, we’ve been to Home Depot 4x so far and about 5 other spots to look at carpet and tile) have gone back and forth on which carpet to pick. We’d ideally just extend the hardwood-look tile we have in the rest of the house into the bedrooms but after looking and looking we can’t find the dang matching tile!!! So annoying. Anyway, carpet it is. Ordered a set of samples from Home Depot from their LifeProof collection  and they’re coming this week. I’ll keep ya posted on that decision. Either way, i like the patterned, tight weave, very light (almost white– i can literally feel my mother saying “kelye it will stain!” I know mom! I know you are right but i love it!) options the best.

Here’s what we’re thinking for nursery:

We ended up shopping at the Bellini Baby furniture store in Tampa kind of on accident! It’s right next to the Ski Shop where we dropped Chris’ snowboard off to get sharpened and I talked him into walking inside (swoon… it’s gorgeous in there!) We got the Gray Haven Lifestyle crib and dresser. It came with all of the “stuff” that you need to turn it into a toddler and full size bed… so this is a crib fo life. The dresser has a topper too that makes it a changing table until you’re ready to remove it. It’s a more gray than it looks in the pictures, but you get the idea.

Crib and Dresser

Toddler Bed Conversion

Full Size Bed Conversion
I love it! They’re holding it for us until we have the carpet installed… they also assemble it for us which is probably the best thing ever.

THE bunny lamp ^ this is Jillian Harris’ nursery which I am obviously in love with because of Nacho, her boxer.
So i’ve been doing a little pinteresting which is dangerous because like for example, the ONE flippin bunny lamp i love is $400 (uh… no.) and now i’ve got my mind set on finding something identical, which i cannot find anywhere of course so we will probably have to read to this child in the dark. If you can find a matching bunny lamp for not $400 i will cry in excitement.


Anyway, I love the gray and white and more white- just so neutral and calming. Once we know boy or girl we can add in some color but i’m not really digging the pink and blue thing.

I’m so excited about the nursery- this is the most fun part so far! I’ll keep updating once we get more figured out.

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