The First Ultrasound

We had our first ultrasound on the 24th of January! I didn’t realize I’d be so nervous about it… but they were doing a series of tests that check for signs of genetic abnormalities which is important and also kind of scary. The baby was jumping and moving around but was so stubborn (!) and wouldn’t get into position for the test to be done so we rescheduled another appointment for two days later.

I loved watching Chris’ face as he saw the baby moving! It all just became very real. My mom was in town for the second appointment and the baby was in perfect positioning to measure and thankfully our tests all came back great! Thanks for the good luck, mom! Babe is measuring really big (almost a full week ahead at this point). It must be all of the carbs I’ve been eating… mmm mac and cheese.

We’re seeing the midwives at USF Health and so far we’ve had a great experience there. Planning to deliver at Tampa General which has great birthing stats and mother-baby spaces.

After the ultrasound we were finally able to announce the babe to all of our friends and family!! We haven’t done a facebook post and likely won’t until we know the gender.. at week 18. Still trying to figure out how we’ll do the gender reveal….

Can’t wait for our next appointment at the end of February! I think it’s just a heartbeat this time. I’m 15 weeks tomorrow and I really look like i’ve eaten 10 burritos for lunch rather than actually being pregnant. In the morning you can’t even see the bump but by the end of the day I’m like 100 burritos in! So weird!

This week I felt the baby moving for the first time, too which was amazing. This tiny little fluttering feeling in the bottom of my stomach. I love it!

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