Pregnancy Info Overload

The amount of information available about pregnancy is really overwhelming. Tons of blogs and podcasts and books (omg… the books) and websites. It’s total information overload. I got some good advice from my baby experienced friends and did a ton of researching on my own and I’ve narrowed it down.

In case you’re pregnant or just interested in what I’ve been digging into during the first and very beginning of my second trimester… here ya go! Hope it helps.


  1. Lucie’s List (helpful for registry must haves)
  2. (best maternity clothes for reasonable prices!) I love their t-shirt dresses.
  3. (this is where my registry is hosted) Love it because it’s one consolidated list rather than multiple registries and you can add from any website online! It doesn’t narrow you down to one or two stores. Down side is that there’s no completion discount but you could create separate registries on Amazon and Target, etc. to qualify for that too.


  1. Pregnancy Podcast – this is by far the most informative and unbiased podcast separated by topics… her speaking style is an aquired taste but the data and facts are SO GOOD and broken down into easily understandable bottom lines that you can kind of get over it. Her website is also useful but the podcast is so convenient when you’re driving or treadmilling.
  2. Pregnancy Confidential – this is a quick 20 min per episode look into your pregnancy week by week. It’s OK… if you’re not a big researcher and just need the basics this is a great place to start. The podcast didn’t really tell me anything I didn’t already know so… not as useful. But still enjoyable!


  1. Bringing Up Bebe– a quick first trimester read more focused on parenting style than on pregnancy. It’s an interesting comparison between French parenting and the all-consuming American helicopter-mom approach. I like the idea of a more laissez faire moming approach but… i guess we’ll see!!
  2. From the Hips– this book is the jam!! It’s a really quick read and REAL. It was recommended to me from a girlfriend at work who is also pregnant (high five AD!) Gives multiple perspectives on everything… like really everything. The nitty gritty of pregnancy that no one talks about, all of the potential situations during childbirth, what to stress about and what to let go, post birth recovery…all of the things I had questions about this book addresses. It gives you enough and not too much. Thanks to my Aunt Meg for ordering me this book!!! I’m almost through it and will probably reference it again and again.
  3. What to Expect When You’re Expecting: gifted to me by my mother in law (so nice!) this is a great book to start with. It covers EVERYTHING and is loonngg. The good part is that you can kind of skim through the “doesn’t apply to me stuff” and hit the high points which makes it a quicker read. I’m only 1/4 through this one and it’s good to pick up before bed but may end up taking me the entire pregnancy, lol.


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