The Past 12 Weeks 

The past few months have been such a whirlwind. Getting back into the swing of things after THE WEDDING/HONEYMOON extravaganza was slow going. We are definitely adjusting well to married life (notably because not much changed…) we didn’t have to face the typical adjustment of newly living together or combining all of our stuff, we had ironed all of that out over the last couple of years. It was nice to come home and just BE married. I didn’t think anything would feel different after but it really does. In the most concrete and committed way it feels like we are more of a team than ever. It’s really freaking awesome.

In other news…we’re having a baby!!!!!!!!

so yeah, we didn’t waste any time. HA!! After the honeymoon chris and I decided we were going to start trying (assuming it’d take oh, idk like a year?!) and surprise…. we found out I was pregnant right before Thanksgiving. I took the first test and it was sooo faint, but I just knew! I had all of the very early symptoms (dizzyness when i’d first wake up, congestion in my ears randomly, some spotting, etc.) and something just felt different. So…. I kept taking tests every couple of days (thanks amazon prime) and they got darker and darker and darker and…

We decided to tell our parents at Christmas time. We knew if something were to happen in those high risk first months we’d really want their support anyway. It was so fun to tell them (and a little nerve wrecking for some reason!) so we all had a very merry christmas. NOT TO MENTION Ashley (Chris’ sister) and Brandon got engaged. We are SO EXCITED for them!! I LOVE CELEBRATING LOVE and they are just seriously the most perfect couple. I posted a picture of her ring on my instagram because it is sooo drool worthy. Gorgeous!! Well done Brandon! #bestchristmasever

Anyway, holding in the news until after our first appointment was the hardest thing!! Especially since we spent the Thanksgiving holiday with Chris’ family and it was still so new to us. We went to our first appointment December 20th and I was just about 7 weeks along. No ultrasound or heartbeat just lots of blood work and tests.

Our next appointment is the 24th and we are SO excited!!  We’ll get to see baby for the first time and I can’t even breathe thinking about it.

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