The Honeymoon

Our honeymoon was dreamy. Both Chris and I knew we wanted to honeymoon directly after the wedding or we’d never go. Flights out of the Syracuse airport after the wedding were tricky so we ended up leaving Sunday AM at 6:30 (hello, hangover) and flying back the following Sunday into Tampa.

We decided originally on the Sandals Resort at Emerald Bay in the Bahamas which looked so relaxing and we liked that it was a short trip back to Tampa. It had a golf course so Chris could golf as much as he wanted and I loved the idea of being at a quieter resort that wasn’t too far from the coast of FL.

A few days before we were to head to New York for the wedding, we got a call from the Sandals resort saying that the Emerald Bay Sandals was CLOSED (!!!!!) due to Hurricane Matthew that had ripped through the previous week. I was so panicked, thinking our honeymoon was canceled, all of the money and time we spent looking at the resort and our flights (which were tricky to begin with) just gone! I was literally beside myself in full bridal panic. It was the first real glitch in our wedding plans (like honestly how lucky are we?) in the scheme of things this is NO BIG DEAL but to a bride days before her wedding- this was the end.

Sandals ended up being so accommodating (after literally 6 hours on the phone, yes 6) rearanging our flights and upgrading us (score!) we ended up at their all inclusive in Grenada, a lot further away, but a lot more exotic! They also gave us a private villa with our own pool (ummm…) and HOT TUB (HELLO!) I felt like we really lucked out. They took care of all of our flights and the difference in cost in the rooms, too.

This was the Villa we stayed in!

The resort was stunning- the landscaping was gorgeous, the staff was so friendly and our Butlers were the jam. If you ever do a Sandals resort I highly recommend paying the extra cash for the Butler service. They take care of all of your dinner reservations, bring you food and drinks by the pool, room service in your room, and practically anything else you can think of. It’s so worth it! We spent several days by the pool just really recovering from the whole wedding weekend. There was a super fun Beach Party night where Chris and I both got called up on stage and had to DANCE (terrifying) in front of the ENTIRE RESORT. It was some kind of dance off, so embarrassing but SO fun!

We did some fun trips too! We took a jeep tour through the island to a hiking trail that leads you to these healing hot springs (kind of just looked like a mud puddle…?). We did a self-driven boat snorkeling trip where you get to drive your own boat to a reef and snorkel this underwater museum. We did a day at the spa and got massages. We met a few other couples that we ended up spending a lot of pool time with, which was so fun!!!

part of the underground museum we snorkeled
the pink gin beach at the Sandals Resort in Grenada

It turned out to be just the kind of trip we were hoping for! We’ll probably never go to Grenada again… since it’s a three hour flight from Miami (FAR!) but I’m definitely glad we got to experience it once! We wouldn’t have been able to book such an awesome experience if it weren’t for Kim and Robert (MIL & FIL) and we owe a ton of thanks to them for starting our marriage off literally the best foot ever. Thank you guys!!!



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