The Wedding 

woo! we’re married!

Chris and I tied the knot in Inlet, New York this tiny little town in the heart of the Adirondack Mountains. Like, really tiny. No stoplights, tiny…no grocery store tiny! We hosted both the reception and ceremony at the Woods Inn on Fourth Lake. The setting was exactly what we wanted, rustic and casual, cool fall weather, leaves changing colors and on the water. It was really important to both of us that the day (which turned into a weekend of events) be focused on our families and coming together to celebrate. The casual mountain vibe ended up being perfect for us.

We worked with a day-of wedding coordinator but really my mom and my mother in law planned the entire weekend. How awesome are they?! I told both of them they missed their calling and should go into wedding planning. Um, can we talk about Chris’ suit? He and the groomsmen looked SO handsome. I did a $hitload of pinteresting and we really procrastinated on buying the suits…we ended up at Men’s Wearhouse in Tampa and Chris found exactly what he wanted. The tweed wool vest was so perfect with the bridesmaids dresses (kind of on accident really) and I loved the maroon tie with all of the flowers we had picked.

Everyone asked me what my colors were and my answer was “???”. They ended up being very neutral. The guys wore navy (love!!) and the girls wore this shimmery gold. I left the flowers completely up to the florist after sending her a few pictures I liked and she just absolutely got it.

Our friends and family traveled from all over the country and I can’t tell you how much that meant to us… I get all choked up even thinking about the amount of effort everyone put into being there for us. We didn’t make it easy on anyone either (sorry!!!) but i knew that they’d all end up loving the mountains and the Adirondacks are just so peaceful and worth the trip.

It ended up being just exactly what we hoped for… romantic, easy going, and so full of love.


We have so many people who contributed to this weekend that Chris and I have so much gratitude for. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

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